Tips For Starting The New Rowing Season

With the memories of last season fresh in the mind and the excitement of the new season fast approaching, here are some helpfulish tips to help get back into training and how to enjoy yourself:

Other forms of exercise

In the off-season, take the time to enjoy different forms of physical activity that you don’t get the chance to do during the season. There are benefits to this.

Firstly it breaks up the monotony of erging for hours, secondly it can improve different muscle groups that aren’t usually trained: Walking is a good way of burning fat and cycling is a great way to build back fitness. Go ice skating, swimming, rock climbing or even bird watching  just find as many replacements for a 12k erg as possible.

Know your aims

As next season approaches, it’s important to know what you’re aiming for. A personal suggestion is to apply for a degree in mathematics so as to understand the new British Rowing points system to know what category you’ll be racing.

Whether you are a professor of mathematics or not, knowing what races you plan to target next year is crucial in building motivation in the new season and it’s nice to know that if your target is Henley at the end of the year then you don’t have to rush up to fitness.

Fitness will come

Speaking of fitness, an essential thing to remember in these times is that the fitness will come eventually. Jacob Dawson is part of the GB senior team, he took 2 weeks off last season after returning from the States, it then took him a couple of months to get back down to fighting weight for the FISU eight. Stick at it through tough times and the good times will come.

If you have any other tips, please let us know in the comments below!

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